Advertising Blimps For Sale

Advertising Blimps For Sale

Made in the USA advertising blimps for sale. Prices and specifications for advertising blimps.

The most common question is: how much do advertising blimps cost? There is more than only the initial cost of the blimp. Our polyurethane blimp prices are listed below.

We manufacture our helium advertising blimps using USA made polyurethane material.

Almost every blimp you see sold online is made of PVC and is made in China.

Why choose polyurethane? Polyurethane is lighter, stronger and retains helium much better than PVC. Polyurethane material weighs about 28% of the weight of PVC material.

You want a lightweight blimp for better performance and with our blimps you will use about 1/2 the helium as compared to a comparable size blimp made of PVC.

Never buy a blimp made of PVC if you intend on flying it outdoors. If you are going to fill it with air and hang it at a trade show then you could consider it.

Our 10ft long polyurethane blimp will fly better than a 20ft PVC blimp and for about 1/5 the amount of helium. If you want a large blimp to better show your logo or message you can choose one of our larger blimps and only partially fill it with helium and use ambient air for the balance. You can save hundreds of dollars with each fill by using one of our polyurethane advertising blimps.


USA made advertising blimp-advertising blimps for sale

Advertising Blimps For Sale – 10ft. – $544.00

We manufacture advertising blimps in the USA.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on the price, specifications and options for polyurethane helium advertising balloons.

17 ft. white advertising blimp with instructions.

How to Customize Your Blimp


Hundreds of stock blimps ready to ship today and we can custom make our polyurethane advertising blimps to your specifications.


How Much Do Advertising Blimps Cost?

  • 10ft advertising blimp: $544.00
  • 13ft advertising blimp: $775.00
  • 15ft advertising blimp: $991.00
  • 18ft advertising blimp: $1442.00
  • 21ft advertising blimp: $2036.00
  • 25ft advertising blimp: $3346.00
  • 30ft advertising blimp: $5376.00

All our advertising blimps are made of USA made polyurethane, not Chinese PVC.

helium advertising blimp - how much do advertising blimps cost

How much do advertising blimps cost?

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on how much do advertising blimps cost.

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